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Do You Have Inflamed or Infected Fordyce Spots. Chill! Nothing To Worry About

Fordyce spots that appear on the lips or any other body parts of an individual are usually harmless. No doubt, the normal Fordyce spots don’t pose any health risk yet they are a good ground for the bacteria to thrive that may cause inflamed Fordyce spots.  These infected bumps appear as a swollen protrusion and […]

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Fordyce Spots Among Women. All A Female Needs To Know

At some point in a woman’s life, she may develop bumps or lumps in the vaginal area. It is one of the main reasons for concern that call for a medical practitioner advice. These protrusions are nothing for causing alarm among women. However, they can be an indication of infection or sexually transmitted disease.Female Fordyce Spots […]

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Nitty-Gritty Of Anti-Sebum Cream For Fordyce Spots Removal

The Sebaceous Gland secretes an oily substance, known as Sebum, into the hair follicles and skin so as to keep them lubricated. Sometimes the gland gets clogged, resulting the sebum gets entrapped, within the gland itself, and is unable to make its way to the follicles and skin layers. As a result, some dots appear […]

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Fordyce Spots On Lips

More than 8 in every ten adults are affected by Fordyce spots. This condition only affects humans and starts to develop during childhood. Children usually have small Fordyce spots on the lips which become larger and more prevalent during puberty.Clinical studies show that men tend to suffer from the condition than women. Also, the spots […]

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Fordyce Spots Removal At Home (NATURAL REMEDIES)

Fordyce Spots removal is easy and quick with home remedies, and you do not have to wait until they disappear by themselves. It’s good to treat them soon if the spots are causing strain on your mental health. By the way, they don’t pose any serious health risks. However, for many patients, they raise cosmetic issues […]

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Fordyce Spots: Know Every What, Why And How Of Its Causes, Symptoms And Cures

Fordyce spots are small raised bumps that are yellow-white or skin-colored. These are also known as Fordyce Granules, Fordyce lesions, Brooke-Fordyce trichoepithelioma, and Sebaceous Prominence. Fordyce bump is a dermatological condition that affects the sebaceous glands. They are named after the 19th-century American dermatologist John Addison Fordyce.But before diving deeper into the topic, take solace in […]

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