Pearly Penile Papules Medical Questions


I love to bust myths about PPP. Such myths are spread by the quakes and, sometimes, by some unethical medical practitioners so as to push the sufferer towards the surgery. These myths may pose to be daunting and life threatening.

If you have PPP, I must say that your penis is absolutely normal and it's not going to harm you or your sexual health. Don't give ear to those who present pearly penile papules as a serious condition. It is not a disease and the sole purpose of removing PPP should be aesthetic awareness. Let's discuss some medical questions:

Q: Are Pearly Penile Papules Contagious?

No. They are not contagious at all. They do not spread with touch or intercourse. Not only this, it is also a myth that it will pass on to your future generations. Stay Relaxed! It won’t happen.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects Of PPP?

Yes, there are. But not in a way you think. It takes a toll on the psychological health of the sufferers leading him to depression and anxiety. Read pearly penile papules side effects to know the detail.

Q: Are Pearly Penile Papules Dangerous?

Not at all. It’s not an STD. On the contrary, they are a good part of your anatomy. It helps to increase the sexual pleasure. You must be happy that you are gifted with a studded penis. But some removal methods like pearly penile papules nail file is definitely dangerous and should be avoided.

Additionally, there are many instances that these pimples start bleeding, itching and causing pain. Here is a complete pearly penile papules bleeding guide.

Q: Are There Any Safe Removal Methods?

For a complete guide read pearly penile papules removal. There are many safe and easy to follow methods that you can choose. Some are oil based formulas like castor oil and tea tree oil. Some are mixture based formulas like cream and some are unconventional like lemon juice and urine therapy. You have to use some sort of medication to remove PPP as they will not go away on their own. The simplest trick is to use the baby powder.

Q: How Much It Costs To Treat PPP?

It depends on what route you choose. It can cost you very high if you choose surgical options or very low if you go with home remedies. See pearly penile papules removal cost for better understanding.

Moreover, if you find the surgical cost is too high in your country, you can choose some nursing home in Asian countries. Check the article pearly penile papules treatment in India.

Must Read

No matter, how much depressed you are I would not advise you to remove PPP. Moreover, don't get trapped with some overnight solutions. With an ethical PPP removal method, you can start seeing results in a few days but it requires a few weeks to eliminate penis pimples completely.

Congrats! You know more than an average person about the PPP and nothing can trap or misguide you anymore. As a summary, I repeat, it is a harmless condition and you must live with it if it is not killing your self-esteem. On the off chance that you want to remove it, go with the home remedies and do not waste 1000s of dollars on surgical treatment. The penile bumps increase the sexual pleasure and make your female partner more satisfied.

The condition is prevalent among many men including both circumcised and uncircumcised so don't get your penis skin cut as it doesn't help. Hope, these pearly penile papules medical questions provided you with some value.