Nitty-Gritty Of Anti-Sebum Cream For Fordyce Spots Removal


The Sebaceous Gland secretes an oily substance, known as Sebum, into the hair follicles and skin so as to keep them lubricated. Sometimes the gland gets clogged, resulting the sebum gets entrapped, within the gland itself, and is unable to make its way to the follicles and skin layers. As a result, some dots appear on the skin.

The Fordyce spots treatment cream, also known as anti-sebum cream, unclogs the passage and is an easy and quick way for Fordyce spots removal. The condition is solely a cosmetic concern and is non-infections. It doesn't lead to any other serious condition but ruins your personality. Although several surgical methods are already in practice for treating the condition, I don't advise taking such drastic measures for removing such a minute problem. Instead, an Anti-Sebum Cream for Fordyce Spots Removal should be your first choice.

Types Of Fordyce Spots Removal Cream: Options

We will, however, spare all the surgical methods and shed more light on a friendlier medical care for the condition such as using a topical cream. Only the brave amongst us will be confident enough to seek medical attention on its first appearance on the skin. It brings us to the application of a therapeutic cream for the treatment of the spots.

You should understand some basic differences among the creams before choosing one for yourself. There are 4 options of creams that are used for treating the Fordyce spots. Let's discuss them:

1. Over The Counter Cream

A perfect blend of anti-sebum and skin care properties. It is not a specific type of cream but a clinically proven product. I kept it on the top of my list because I found it to be the best among other options.

The blue bottle works by cleaning up the gathering underneath the skin unclogging the entrapped sebum. The red bottle works on the outer surface of the skin making the protrusions smooth and flat.

2. Anti-Sebum Cream

Although it is an excellent option as a Fordyce Removal Cream yet you must understand that it reduces the production of the Sebum underneath the skin. If you have a greasy and oily skin, this cream fits best. It clears out the skin pores and acts as a Sebum-fighter. As a result, there is a lesser occurrence of Sebum, black-heads, Fordyce Spots, and Whiteheads.

It combats well with the bacteria that cause acne problems. It defends the skin from seasonal changes especially during hot and humid weather and keeps the skin bright and beautiful.

3. Tretinoin Cream

This cream can be used by anyone to get rid of Fordyce spots. It doesn’t reduce the amount of sebum produced by the body, instead, it unclogs any blocked sebaceous gland and clears the way for the sebum.

Such creams belong to a class of medications referred to as retinoids. These are the types of drugs that trigger a reflex response in the victim's body, especially, in the sebaceous prominence gland. With the application of the cream on the affected areas, a stimulation occurs that frees the sebum up. It, eventually, diminishes the Fordyce spots.

The continuous use of this tretinoin gel or cream on the affected area will curb the prominence of the spots hence preventing them from getting worse. Tretinoin element, as commonly known to many, is a kind of component required for the treatment of acne & keratosis (chicken skin).

The cream is a composition of both antifungal and antibacterial elements that play a vital role in controlling the condition in an individual.

4. Isotretinoin Cream

Please never use it. It is a different kind of cream that is used when there is a resurgence of the spots on the affected areas after some period of disappearance. Loosely speaking, Isotretinoin is a super version type of cream but has its kind of shortcomings that comes along with its usage.

It has many side effects, and they include a headache, eye irritation, rashes, nosebleed and related intestinal problems. Moreover, it is alleged that it causes temporary thinning of the hair, depression, poor night vision, chapped lips, dry skin and joint/muscle pains.

It is therefore recommended that one should seek medical advice from a physician before the usage of this type of cream. Pregnant women are notably advised to refrain completely from the usage of Isotretinoin cream since it might affect the unborn child and cause damage to the liver of the mother.

Wrapping It Up!

Conclusively, it is always advisable to seek medical advice from a licensed medical practitioner before using any types of creams for the treatment of Fordyce Spots condition. Even if you use the recommended products, try them for in a small quantity and on a small area of the body to check if you are allergic to them or not.

As a side note, contrary to common belief, Both tretinoin and Isotretinoin creams cannot be used to repair sun-damaged skin, nor countering the aging process.