Pearly Penile Papules Removal Cream (SIMPLE PPP SOLUTION)

Yuck! It sucks that you have PPP. I feel for you. But do you know what is even worse? The worst is the misconceptions about it.

The disease itself does not pose any risk to your general or sexual health, but it is not aesthetically acceptable. If you are aware enough of your appearance and care for your partner, you must opt to remove it with the simplest treatment: PPP Treatment Cream.

Remember, PPP Removal Cream and Toothpaste is not similar. They are different forms of treatment.

Clinically Approved PPP Removal Cream


If I have to give you a treatment, I would suggest you this 3P-Gel. Manufactured in the USA, the cream is clinically tested and approved and there are no side effects, at all, of using it.

The 3P-Gel is the first and only topical gel that is manufactured solely for removing the penile papules. The patients are getting great results and I highly recommend this product.

This is a 2 bottle pack, one is to be applied in the morning and the other is to be applied in the evening. It starts showing results within a couple of days.


PPP Removal Cream Is A Name Hype


Actually, there is no other cream, except 3P-Gel, that is made exclusively to treat PPP, but there is a mixture that can heal the penile bumps. The name of pearly penile papules removal cream is Alpha Hydroxy or AHA.

AHA cream for PPP is typically used as an exfoliant. Its core functions are scraping dead cells off the skin, nurturing and moisturizing, and leveling uneven bumps to make the skin smooth. In doing these things, it removes any pimples, wrinkles, or other uneven surface properties.

It makes pearly penile papules removal cream, that is AHA enriched, a good remedy for the bumps on the shaft. The paste detects penis pimples as unevenness and makes every effort to level them. Most of the time, it is successful. But as a better option, you must follow Josh’s Guide that has helped many patients to regain their confidence and live a PPP Free Life.

AHA Cream For PPP (The Truth)

As I already informed you, there is no cream that is specifically formulated to heal Pearly Penile Papules. The formula is just an alternative name and brand. Basically, AHA creams are not made for PPP but for cosmetic purposes, so there are also several other ingredients used to tone the skin on the face.

As the cosmetic products are mostly used for the face, the ingredients are chosen accordingly. These ingredients might be reactive or sometimes destructive to the penis skin and underlying tissues.

The concern is not whether a store-bought cream works, but whether it will cause some new troubles like turning pimples into wounds or infections. Moreover, the penis is the most important part of manhood. How can we allow a generic AHA cream to take care of a specific issue like pearly penile papules?

Home Made Alternatives To PPP Removal Cream

However, I want to inform you that although such formulas are safe, they don’t work overnight. You have to give it enough time for the formula to cure the problem. Most of the time two weeks is enough. Sometimes it may take a maximum of 4 weeks. Almost all home remedies require some time to work. Allowing some time for a home remedy to work is much better than suffering for your whole life. Home Remedies Collection To Cure PPP.

How To Store PPP Treatment Cream



Don’t forget to store the paste in a tight container or it may lose the effectiveness. Put it in an air-tight container and store it at normal room temperature.

Although it requires storage at a cold temperature, don’t get confused. It simply means normal room temperature, so don’t put the paste in the freezer.

Hope you got the point.


“If you placed the pearly penile papules removal cream in the freezer and it is frozen. Just discard it and create some fresh. Do not wait for it to melt and do not use this melted paste. It is not dangerous, but it has lost all its effectiveness.”


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